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Mission Statement

To help companies provide a safe and healthy workplace through the application of good science and sound judgement.

The field staff at Winnipeg Air Testing has performed over 5,000 projects in a wide range of settings. We provide services to industrial, commercial, schools, hospitals and residential customers and to all types of industries including foundries, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation and quarries.

Principal Investigator

Douglas Wylie, CIH, ROH, CRSP, CRM, C.I.M.

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Registered Occupational Hygienist
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional
  • Canadian Risk Manager Designation
  • Professional Designation in Management and Business Administration

Doug Wylie has a degree in health physics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and 30 years of experience in the field of occupational hygiene and environmental health. Mr. Wylie was an Occupational Hygienist at the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Health Sciences Centre where he developed the chemical hazards programs as well as the hazardous waste program. Mr. Wylie served as an Industrial Hygienist for the Workplace Safety and Health Division, where he conducted exposure monitoring, and facility audits to verify regulatory compliance. Doug Wylie has conducted over 2,000 investigations involving identifying and quantifying exposures to chemical and physical agents in a vast variety of occupational and environmental settings. He is a Past-President of the local industrial hygiene association and has presented in conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. He has experience testifying as an expert witness on health and safety on topics such as mould and exposure to chemicals.

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