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Exposure Modelling

Predict Worker Exposure using a Chemical Exposure Calculator

The vast majority of worker exposures are never sampled. The major impediment to more training is the cost of sampling. Provincial safety and health legislation requires employers to assess potential exposures to workers. Most exposures are not assessed because of a lack of a convenient and reliable way to estimate exposure. Most workplaces don’t have the training to perform a credible worker assessment and simply don’t know where to start.

WATSIN is an exposure calculator that was developed to estimate worker exposure. Answer 6 questions and the exposure is predicted as falling into a range of exposures relative to the Occupational Exposure Level (OEL). WATSIN has the following applications:

1 ) As a screen to eliminate unnecessary air sampling

2 ) Predict exposure of a new chemical that is coming into your plant

3 ) To explore possible substitution with safer chemicals

WATSIN has been used by Winnipeg Air Testing for several years and have back-checked the WATSIN predictions against hundreds of actual sampling results.


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