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Mould can be found in indoor areas with high humidity or areas with prolonged water intrusion. The health effects of mould exposure includes allergic asthma, nasal, and chest congestion. A much more serious immune-related condition is hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) may follow exposure (usually occupational) to very high concentrations of fungal (and other microbial) proteins.

Winnipeg Air Testing can inspect buildings for the presence of moisture and airborne moulds. Samples are collected and then analyzed in house for faster results and lower analysis costs. A full report will be provided with details on the type and quantity of mould spores and suggested remediation actions. A list of full services are included below.

Services Offered

  • Moisture Survey
  • Airborne Mould Testing and Moisture Survey
  • Former Grow-Op Clearance Testing
  • Post-Remediation Testing
  • Airborne mould (Take Home Kit)
  • Surface mould (bulk sample) Analysis

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