Solvents / Gasses / Dust

Testing for Solvents, Gasses and Dusts

Workplace Safety and Health Division may issue an Improvement order to your company for a chemical and biological substance exposure assessment. This is essentially measurements of potential worker exposures to chemicals and other agents found in your workplace. Common industrial activity that often generates an Improvement Order is potential exposure to various organic solvents, dusts, etc.

Winnipeg Air Testing can sample for literally hundreds of airborne chemicals. Many common industrial solvents such as toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and styrene can represent significant exposures to workers. Dusts such as silica dust in foundries and wood dust in manufacturing can be associated with lung disease or even cancer.

Solvents Dusts Fibers Gasses
Toluene total dust asbestos carbon monoxide
Xylene silica dust fibreglass carbon dioxide
MEK wood dust total fibres acid gasses
Styrene grain dust synthetic VOCs
Benzene flour dust cellulose total hydrocarbons
Alcohols coal dust PAHs

Airborne standards exist for hundreds of products. Air testing can measure the actual concentration in an area by placing a sampling pump in a fixed location. Alternatively, a workers exposure to hundreds of chemicals can be measured by having them wear a sampling pump that samples the air in their breathing zone.

Personal Sample

Personal Sample

Area Sample

Area Sample

Example of Testing Results

Worker Toluene Exposure Exposure Limit for Toluene
A 12 ppm 20 ppm
B 8 ppm 20 ppm
C 9 ppm 20 ppm

In this example, all three of the workers tested had an exposure that was within the allowable exposure of 20 parts per million (ppm)

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