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Long term exposure to high noise levels results in noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing loss is still a common workplace injury and a common WCB claim. The damage to the hearing of a worker is permanent. A company is also required to comply with the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act. The two main requirements includes the implementation of a hearing conservation program if noise levels are above 80 dBA and workers exposures must be below 85 dBA for an eight hour shift. The health effects to workers along with mandatory compliance with legislation shows the importance of noise monitoring in a workplace. Noise levels in a plant should be retested after a change in the workplace or periodically to ensure the current exposure to workers.

Winnipeg Air Testing has the expertise and equipment needed to test noise levels in a facility. A full report on results and recommendations on noise controls will be produced. The list of services we offer are indicated below along with additional information on each type of testing.

Services offered:

  • Personal Noise Monitoring
  • Area Noise Monitoring
  • Noise Area Mapping
  • Noise Spot Measurements

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