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Metals / Welding Fumes

Workplace Exposure Testing for Metals / Welding Fume, Solvents, Dusts, Oil Mists

Noise Testing

Personal Noise Monitoring, Area Noise Mapping, Hearing Protection Training, Noise Control Recommendations

Asbestos Services

Air and Surface Mold Testing, Building Inspections, Infrared Imaging of Water Intrusion, Mould Abatement Inspections, Clearance Testing

Mold Services

Air and Surface Mold Testing, Building Inspections, Infrared Imaging of Water Intrusion, Mould Abatement Inspections, Clearance Testing

COVID-19 Update April 2020. As a company that supports public health and safety, we are considered an essential business and will continue to operate during this time.

Stay safe.

Winnipeg Air Testing
Consultants in Health and Safety Issues

Winnipeg Air Testing is an occupational hygiene consulting company. Occupational hygiene (called industrial hygiene in the United States) deals with the measurement, evaluation and control of exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents. Winnipeg Air Testing can help your company with its Safety and Health Program and to comply with Provincial regulations on matters of Safety and Health.

Broad Range of Services

Winnipeg Air Testing provides a broad range of health and safety consulting services to Winnipeg, rural Manitoba,  Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario. These services include air testing, industrial / occupational hygiene surveys, indoor air quality, worker exposure assessments, mould / mold testing and remediation, asbestos testing and remediation, measuring worker exposure to metals and solvents, noise measurements, training programs, compliance audits and much more. We can literally test for hundreds of different chemicals and products.In addition to testing, we can provide recommendations for cost-efficient controls for noise and airborne chemicals evaluate ventilation controls, assist in complying with improvement orders, assess dermal or skin products as well as providing training and auditing services.

Find us at 5 Donwood Drive in Winnipeg

Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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The field staff at Winnipeg Air Testing has performed over 3,000 projects in a wide range of settings. We provide services to industrial, commercial, school, hospitals and residential customers and to all types of industries.

Professional Staff

Some occupational hygiene consulting companies use technicians with no professional credentials and limited experience for their field work and have the report simply reviewed by a CIH. Some companies have no background in occupational hygiene and have taken a course on air sampling to become “experts” on occupational hygiene. What separates Winnipeg Air Testing from other companies is the quality of the health and safety professionals. Our Field Staff have the following criteria:
  • University Degrees in Sciences
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH)
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)
  • Canadian Risk Manager (CRM)
  • 35 years of combined experience
  • Former Government Inspector
The use of a former Government Inspector puts Winnipeg Air Testing in a position to help your company should it receive an Improvement Order or Stop Work Order from the Workplace Safety and Health Division.

Laboratory and Analytical Costs

Winnipeg Air Testing works with a number of different labs to provide you with the broadest range of services at the best prices.  While all the labs we use are fully certified and accredited, by using a number of different labs, we are able to provide a very wide range of air, water and surface testing services. Based on the volume of work, Winnipeg Air Testing has standing discounts at laboratories which help reduce the cost of air and compliance testing.

Free No Obligation Quotation

Winnipeg Air Testing would be pleased to come to your workplace and prepare a quotation for your consideration. Sometimes Winnipeg Air Testing can minimize the need for testing or even rule out the need for testing based on such a walkthrough.